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MOMMA® Pregolact® Set Trial


The Activ-4 Plus® formulation and the combination of 12 natural ingredients in MOMMA® Pregolact® help mothers to increase their breast milk production

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Essential for Mothers

MOMMA Pregolact

Supplement for breastfeeding & pregnant mothers with key natural ingredients to increase milk supply.


13 Selected Natural & Premium Ingredients
3 Macronutirents
14 Vitamins & Minerals
1000 mg Omega-3
160 mcg Folic Acid
No Added Sugar

Helping mothers to appreciate breastfeeding journey

You are more than just a mother. You are the life for your baby.

Ease your concern

Improve your milk supply and you will have enough for your baby

Increase your energy

Gone your days of feeling tired & weak.

Special formulated for mothers

Mothers need enough nutrients too. Hence MOMMA Pregolact formulated with key vitamin, nutrients.

No added sugar

You don’t need added sugar and we do not have it. Healthy baby start with healthy mothers.

Traceable Ingredients

The clinical-backed multivitamin for women 18-49 formulated to help fill nutrient gaps in their diet.

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ChocoG (Chocolate With Grains), Vanila Bliss, Coklat