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How To Make Sure Your Babies Always Have Enough

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Getting back to work soon after your maternity leaves? How do mommies make sure babies have enough breast milk for the next 2 years?

For this edition of Lactation Counselling, I will provide you with proven tips on how to consistently breastfeed and keeping the breastmilk flow high.

As a certified lactation counsellor, these are the least I can do for my own babies, just like you mommies should your own.

Maintaining Supply by Maintaining Demand

As career women or full-time house wives, you can apply these tips to ensure continuous milk flow for your little ones:

  1. Off work hours or when you are with your babies, breastfeed them as soon as they need to be fed. Schedule your other tasks around and following the babies’ needs, instead of scheduling your babies’ meal. Breastfeed them as often as every 15 minutes if you have to because babies have different needs at different times. Weekends and off-days are valuable times to be spent with your babies. Make them your priorities.
  2. Late evenings are the best times to breastfeed. Your body is producing high number of prolactin, and it make sense to breastfeed more, 2-3 times at least. Your body needs to rest and direct breastfeeding helps the body to relax and keep the milk flow high.
  3. Avoid pacifiers at all cost! Up until now, I don’t have a single pacifier at home. Pacifiers can cause nipple confusion or make existing symptoms worse. If it cannot be avoided, at the very least allow the babies 2-3 months for your babies to get used to natural breast 1st.
  4. Practice pumping the milk immediately after breastfeeding, or better still, alternate breastfeeding and pumping between both breasts. While feeding your baby on the right, pump the left breast and vice versa.
  5. While at work, or not with your baby make sure you breast pump as often as you would breast feed directly. Make schedule for pumping and try following it as closely as you can daily.
  6. Get enough rest, gain support from your husband and last but certainly not least, eat and drink well. Proper diet with enough nutrients goes a long way in making sure your babies get enough breast milk. Get supplementary food or drink to make up for the extra needs.

I sincerely hope that after reading this, mommies out there will be inspired to feel determined and to persevere in their pursuit of breastfeeding their super babies exclusively in their 6 months and continuously to the age of 2.

Nothing else worth more than that for the babies and they deserve nothing less.

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