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MOMMA® Pregolact® Set Combo


The Activ-4 Plus® formulation and the combination of 12 natural ingredients in MOMMA® Pregolact® help mothers to increase their breast milk production.

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Essential for Mothers

MOMMA Pregolact

Supplement for breastfeeding & pregnant mothers with key natural ingredients to increase milk supply.


13 Selected Natural & Premium Ingredients
3 Macronutirents
14 Vitamins & Minerals
1000 mg Omega-3
160 mcg Folic Acid
No Added Sugar

Helping mothers to appreciate breastfeeding journey

You are more than just a mother. You are the life for your baby.

Ease your concern

Improve your milk supply and you will have enough for your baby

Increase your energy

Gone your days of feeling tired & weak.

Special formulated for mothers

Mothers need enough nutrients too. Hence MOMMA Pregolact formulated with key vitamin, nutrients.

No added sugar

You don't need added sugar and we do not have it. Healthy baby start with healthy mothers.

Traceable Ingredients

The clinical-backed multivitamin for women 18-49 formulated to help fill nutrient gaps in their diet.*


The high iron quantity helps minimizes the symptoms of anemia while breastfeeding. Effectively treats fatigue, dizziness, and exhaustion 


Improve potassium, magnesium, iron, and Vitamin B6 in your body for a more nutritious breast milk for your beautiful kids.


Rich in iron, copper, calcium, phosphor, and magnesium which are important for lactating mother and your baby’s healthy growth


A natural sweetener which contains iron, small amounts of calcium, folate, vitamins C and B. Helps to boost mother’s immune system


Helps mothers’ health during breastfeeding by increasing appetite and helping the immune system to function better


A healthy bacteria which helps to build a healthier baby's intestinal flora for a better digestion and a stronger immune system


Rich in potassium, magnesium, iron and plenty of other nutrients to help mothers increase their breast milk

Black Seed

Known to boost the breast milk refill rate due to its high quantity of Iron, Vitamin K, Calcium and Potassium 

Omega 3

Increase the content of EPA/DHA in mothers’ breast milk to ensure the baby’s healthier growth

Our Key Differences Between Other Brands

Nutrient Focus

MOMMA® is not just about increasing mothers’ breast milk, it is actually formulated as a nutrient-focused product. The main focus is to provide more than enough nutrients for a lactating mother so that you can produce a healthier breast milk, naturally.


MOMMA® products were sold to over 55,000 mothers across Malaysia and based on our survey, it has been proven to be effective on 80% of them. There are 2 flavours to choose from which are Chocolate and Vanilla. Thousands of mothers love it!


We also provide the best support to assist you in case of any problems or inquiries upon purchasing MOMMA® products by creating the MOMMA® Community. And no worries, it is eligible for every mother who has made a successful purchase.

Skeptics Speak

With thousands of Momma delivered, discover why customers trust us with their daily health.

Nisa Adnan

“Previously I can only get 1 oz. With MOMMA Pregolact, I get 8oz when pumping. Thank you!“

Nisa Adnan

Syarifah Shaira

“My EBM has significantly improved. My son have ample of it. I'm glad and happy mom“

Syarifah Shaira

Siti Zulaiha

“After consume MOMMA Pregolact, I can fully breastfeed my second son now. “

Siti Zulaiha


Happy mom, happy kid!

Hear from them

Rather than focusing on specific formulation to increase milk supply, we focused on overall mother health that will help to improve milk supply. This approach has helped more than 55 thousand mothers since we launch.

Get MOMMA Pregolact now.

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1 Kotak ChocoG & 1 Kotak Coklat, 1 Kotak ChocoG & 1 Kotak Vanilla Bliss, 1 Kotak Coklat & 1 Kotak Vanila Bliss, 2 Kotak ChocoG, 2 Kotak Coklat, 2 Kotak Vanila Bliss